2011 World Communion Sunday Service

The Tonga Fellowship
Burns Memorial United Methodist Church
The Ghana Wesley Fellowship

10:30 AM. Sunday, October
2nd, 2011
Welcome: Brief explanation of World Communion Sunday                      Pastor, Will Morris

Lighting of the Candles                                                                                                    Acolytes
Prelude                                           "O God of Every Nation"                               Peggy Blocker
Welsh Hymn Melody

Opening Hymn                                                                  Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty

Opening Prayer                                     Acts 2:1-21, 37-47                          Pastor, Will Morris

Introduction of Song:                                                                                           Holly Armstrong

Song:                                                  "In Remembrance"                         Burns Chancel Choir
Courtney & Red   

The Lord's Prayer                                                                                             Pastor, Will Morris

Introduction of Song and Choir                                                                      Samuel Botchway

Song:                                                "YESU NA ME DO NO"                   Ghana Wesley Choir

The Lord's Prayer in Akan                                                                               Samuel Botchway

Introduction of Song and Choir                                                                          Ngalu Kelemeni

Song:                                                            "Tue! Tue!"                         Tonga Fellowship Choir
The Lord's Prayer in Tongan                                                                 Pastor, Antonio Toluta'u

Celebration of Holy Communion                                         Page 9, United Methodist Hymnal

Communion Music Medley                                                                      Pianist, Peggy Blocker

Closing Hymn:                   "This is My Father's World"          United Methodist Hymnal #618

Closing Prayer:                                                                                                  Pastor, Will Morris

Postlude:                         "For the Healing of the Nations"                 Organist, Peggy Blocker
- John Hughes -                 

Full Service in single mp3 file

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