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Hymns and Anthems

March/April 2018
Recorded Music At Burns



MAR 4          3RD Sunday in Lent/Communion Sunday

           Scriptures:  Exodus 20:1-17  Psalm 19  1 Corinthians 1:18-25  John 2:13:22

             Opening Hymn:     “I Am Thine, O Lord”                             UMH #419

           Response:    “Jesus, Remember Me”                                     UMH #488

           Anthem:      “Gathered in the Upper Room” by Fay Lopez

           Closing Hymn:        “Awesome God”  (sung 3X)                FWS #2040


MAR 11        4th Sunday in Lent

           Scriptures: Numbers 21:4-9  Psalm 107:1-3, 17-22  Ephesians 2:1-10  John 3:14-21

             Opening Hymn:     “Praise the Lord Who Reigns Above”           UMH ##96

           Response:    “Jesus, Remember Me”                                     UMH #488

           Anthem:      “God So Lovved the World” by John Stainer

           Hymn:          “Into My Heart”                                                       FWS #2160

           Closing Hymn:        “How Great Thou Art”                          UMH #77


MAR 18        5th Sunday in Lent/ St Patrick Day Sunday

           Scriptures:  Genesis 9:8-17  Psalm 25:1-10  1 Peter 3:18-22  Mark 1:9-15

             Opening Hymn:  God of the Sparrow, God of the Whale  UMH #122

           Response:    “Jesus, Remember Me”                                      UMH #488

           Anthem:      “Come Home” by Craig Courtney

           Hymn:          “We Were Baptised in Christ Jesus”           FWS #2251

           Closing Hymn:        “When Jesus Came to Jordan”               UMH #252


MAR 25        Palm Sunday

           Scriptures:  Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29  Mark 11:1-11  John 12:12-16

             Opening Hymn:     “Hosanna, Loud Hosanna”                 UMH #278

           Response:    “Jesus, Remember Me”                                     UMH #488

           Anthem:       “The Palms” by J. Faure

           Hymn:          “All Glory, Laud and Honor”                       UMH #280

           Closing Hymn:        “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus”                   UMH  #277



Mar 30         Good Friday

           Scriptures:  Isaiah 52:13-53; 12  Psalm 22  Hebrews 10:16-35  John 18:1-19,42

             Opening Hymn:  What Wondrous Love is This”             UMH #292

           Anthem:  Alas and Did My Savior Bleed” by Deborah Govenor

           Anthem:  Tongan Choir- TBA

Apr 1            Easter Sunday (Hallelujah!, He is Risen)

           Opening Hymn:  Christ the Lord Is Risen Today”                              UMH #302

           Response:               “Alleluia” (refrain)                                                   UMH #306

           Anthem:       “Hallelujah! Resurrection Day! By Larry Stackley

           Hymn:          “Up From the Grave He Arose”                                    UMH #322

           Closing Hymn:  Christ is Risen”                                                      UMH #307


Apr 8            Communion Sunday

           Scripture:  Acts 4:32-35  Psalm 133   1 John 1:1-22   John 20-17-31

             Opening Hymn:  The Day of Resurrection”                                         UMH #303

           Response:               “Alleluia” (refrain)                                                   UMH #306

           Anthem:       “Now O Death, Where is Thy Sting?” by Russell Nagy

           Closing Hymn:  He Lives”                                                                  UMH #310


Apr 15

           Scriptures:  Acts 3:12-19  Psalm 4             1 John 3:1-7  Luke 23:36b-48

           Opening Hymn:     “Blest Be the Tie that Binds”                                 UMH #557

           Response:               “Alleluia” (refrain)                                                   UMH #306

           Anthem:      “I Will Sing His Praise” by Joseph M Martin

           Hymn:          “And Are We Yet Alive”                                            UMH #553

           Closing Hymn:  In Christ There is No East or West”                     UMH #548  

Apr 22          Native American Awareness Sunday

           Scriptures:   Acts 4:5-12  Psalm 23  1 John 3:16-24  John 10:11-18

           Opening Hymn:     “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing”                  UMH #57

           Response:               Alleluia”  (refrain)                                        UMH #306

           Anthem:      “A Canon of Praise” by Natalie Sleeth

           Hymn:          “Soldiers of Christ, Arise”                                          UMH #513

           Closing Hymn:        “Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus”                               UMH #514

Apr 29

           Scriptures:  Acts 8: 26-40  Psalm 22:25-31           1 John 4:7-21  John 15: 1-8

           Opening Hymn:     “O Worship the King”                                      UMH #73

           Response:               “Alleluia” (refrain)                                                   UMH #306

           Anthem:                 “Send Forth a Dove” by Joseph Martin

           Hymn:                     “Love Divine, All Love Excelling”                    UMH #384

           Closing Hymn:        “Fairest Lord Jesus”                                   UMH #189        







Message from Don Boylls-Direct of Arts and Music:
Please join our choir and/or bell choir.  We have a very gifted, dedicated and most of all fun Chancel Choir and Bell Choir. We rehearse on Wednesday nights. Bell Choir is at 6:00 pm followed by the Chancel Choir rehearsal at 7:00 pm.  We are especially in need of Tenors and Altos, but welcome people in any voice range.
The Bell Choir has 10 members, but can always use more.  Reading music is helpful, but not mandatory. If you would like to come and try ringing a bell, we would be more than glad to have you. The bell choir includes novices to intermediate bell ringers. We usually perform at service at least every two months, along with extra playing time during the Christmas and Easter seasons. Auditions are not necessary.
Our Chancel choir has a core group of about 15, but fluctuates to 20 people. We perform a myriad of songs and styles, ranging from classical, gospel, contemporary and jazz. Please come and join us on Wednesdays for an evening of music, fun, laughter and great Christian fellowship.  We sing every Sunday morning with the exception of the first Sunday of the month, when our marvelous Tongan choir performs.  We also perform at special services, on Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and of course, Christmas Eve. We usually sing a cantata at Christmas and sometimes perform one at Easter. December 5, 2009 our choir will join 7 other choirs with the ECHO coalition, performing a concert to benefit Habitat for Humanity. Our choir will sing individually as well as sing as part of a mass choir of all the choirs in the coalition, finishing the evening with the glorious” Hallelujah Chorus” from the Messiah.  This will be our 5th year  singing in this great benefit, for this wonderful cause.
As Director of Arts and Music, I am always looking for people who can play instruments, or provide special music in the way of solos, duets, small groups, interpretive dance etc. If you don’t want to make a weekly commitment to a music program, but love to sing or perform occasionally, then see Don Boylls. I’ll work you into our worship service. Worship can never have enough music.  The Psalms say “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord”.  I am always looking for various ways to enhance our worship experience.
From time to time, we have brought in special performances such as local Christian artist Jim Mulaney, National Award winner Roger Nelson and his “Man from Aldersgate” show, and the Contemporary Christian rock group, “After the Chase”. 
If you are interested in becoming a part of either one of our exciting groups, or just performing solo or with a small group, please contact Don Boylls or just show up on Wednesday evenings. We would be thrilled to welcome you into our musical and Christian family.

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