Pentecost Sunday Worship Service
May 24th, 2015, 10:30 a.m.

Burns Memorial United Methodist Church,
The Tonga Fellowship
and The Ghana Wesley United Methodist Fellowship

Welcome and Announcements                                                             Pastor, Will Morris

Prelude                                           Trumpet Tune in C               Organist, Peggy Blocker
  Leon Nelsony   
Lighting of the Candles                                                                                        Acolytes

Hymn                                      Holy Spirit Truth Divine    United Methodist Hymnal 465

Scripture Reading                                    Acts 2:1-21                          Pastor, Will Morris

Community Prayer                                                                              Pastor, Will Morris

Introduction of Song and Choir                                                                       Don Boylls

Song                                  "Breathe on Me, Breath of God"             Burns Chancel Choir
-Paul Hamell   

Introduction of Song and Choir                                                               Ngalu Kelemeni

Song                                                                                           Tonga Fellowship Choir

Pentecost Prayer                                                                              Pastor Atonio Toluta'a

Pentecost Prayer                                                                      Pastor Emmanuel Nkansah

Celebration of Holy Communion                                     p. 7, United Methodist Hymnal

(Come to the altar steps by walking up the center aisle,
receive the bread and juice, and then return using the side aisles.
Ushers will be waiting with collection plates at the sides
of the church to accept your monetary donations.)

Communion Music Medley                                                             Pianist, Peggy Blocker

Closing Communion Prayer                                                                  Pastor, Will Morris

Closing Hymn                            "America the Beautiful"  United Methodist Hymnal #696

Closing Prayer                                                                                        Pastor Will Morris

Postlude                                                 The Rejoicing                  Organist, Peggy Blocker
George Fideric Handel

[Please remain seated during the Postlude.]

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