Sunday's Service including the Cantata:

Colors of Grace


Joseph Martin

directed by Don Boylls
pianist, organist, Peggy Blocker
Narrated by Ken Berve
Sunday April 9th, 2006

Pictures taken at the service, courtesy of
Lynn Gamber

Pastor Aaron asked me after the service, whether we recorded the cantata today, and if I'd put it up on the web. I said something like, I'll see what we got. I don't run the soundboard because I sing in the choir, but I do have input. In hindsight, I wished I'd turned a few knobs and brought my digital mini disk. Our sound system really isn't put together for recording music. We record the sermons with a cassette tape machine that's integrated with our sound board. Cassette tape isn't the best media for recording live music, but we did get something. Next problem is about the sound board. Basically its a grid of knobs laid out in vertical columns and horizontal rows. The vertical columns are for inputs sources, like microphones, guitars, pianos, etc. The horizontal rows are for where the sounds are directed, like to different rooms of the building or a tape recorder, etc. The person that set up our sound board for us, taped little dots with lines on them to show where the knobs should be set for our recording of services. Because we primarily use the pulpit, the lectern and a lapel mikes, for our recordings of the sermon, only they got tape markers on the knobs of the row that goes to the tape recorder. The Choir mikes, piano and any extra added mikes do not have tape markers for where they should be set for the recorder, hence they did not get set and feed to the recorder. So we did get a recording, except it was entirely recorded through the pulpit and lectern mikes, the only mikes whose knobs were turned up on the recording row. So if the choir and piano sound distant, that's why.

You can download the 4.8 meg mp3 file by clicking on the"Sunday's Service" link above right. It begins with, "The Palms," by J Faure, Soloist is Ron from the choir, followed by Don singing the hymn, "Hosanna, Loud Hosanna", before it actually gets into the Cantata.


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