Sunday Service
                                 Christmas Cantata
                               December 21st, 2014

                                        Burns Memorial United Methodist Church,

Scripture Reading from the Lectionary: Hebrew Lesson: 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16
                                                               Responsive Reading: Canticle of Mary
                                                               Epistle Lesson: Romans 16:25-27
                                                               Gospel Lesson: Luke 1:26-38

Christmas Cantata                  "Christmas Seekers"                      Burns Chancel Choir
Complete fie                              by John Purifoy                     Directed by, Don Boylls
                                                                                                   Pianist, Peggy Blocker

1   Introduction -
2.  Narration - "We Seek the Lord,"                                
3.  Narration - "Where is the Savior?"                                                            
4.  Narration - "Song of Mary and Joseph" Duet: Rich Schnier and Holly Armstrong
5.  Narration - "Arise, Good Shepherds"                                    
6.  Narration - "Christmas Seekers"                                                                     
7.  Narration - "For Unto Us a Child is Born,"                                       
8.  Narration:- "The Joy of Christmas"                                                                          
9.  Narration: -"We Seek the Lord, Reprise"                         
Closing Prayer                                                                               Pastor, Will Morris 
Narrators: Daniel Klawitter and Carolyn Mackes
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