2007 World Communion Sunday Service

The Tonga Fellowship
Burns Memorial United Methodist Church
The Ghana Wesley Fellowship

10:00 AM. Sunday, October 7th, 2007
Welcome: Brief explanation of World Communion Sunday                     Pastor, Will Morris

Lighting of the Candles                                                                                                   Acolytes

Prelude                                                "Prelude in G Minor "                              Peggy Blocker
- Paul Taylor

Opening Prayer                                                                                               Pastor, Will Morris

Introduction of Song and Choir                                                              Pastor, Pelaki Lokotui

Song:                                                             "Credo"                           Tonga Fellowship Choir
  - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Lord's Prayer in Tongan                                                                  Pastor, Pelaki Lokotui

Introduction of Song and Choir                                                                               Malvis Lynn

Song:                                                                                                           Ghana Wesley Choir

The Lord's Prayer in Akan                                                                               Kwaku Agyakwa

Introduction of Song:                                                                                                  Don Boylls

Song:                                                  "In Remembrance "                     Burns Chancel Choir
- Craig Courtney

The Lord's Prayer in English: All Assembled                                          Pastor, Will Morris

Celebration of Holy Communion                                    Page 7, United Methodist Hymnal

Ghana Wesley Choir                                                       Ending prayer of Holy Communion

Closing Hymn:              "Let There Be Peace on Earth"    United Methodist Hymnal #431

Closing Prayer:                                                                                              Pastor, Will Morris

Postlude:                               "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory"                    Peggy Blocker
- William Steffe

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