2006 World Communion Sunday Service
Delivered on, Sunday, October 1st, 2006
Today's Service, almost in it's entirety, as 9 seperate mp3 files
The first file is a Welcome from the pastor, Will Morris, followed by a Medley of Music, "America," by Samuel Ward, Henry Carey, and William Steffe played on the piano by Peggy Blocker
An Opening prayer by Pastor Will Morris, as well as an introduction of Pastor, Pelaki Lokotui, who introduces the Tongan choir, they sing, "Oh Yes! Oh Yes! "Koau Ko E", followed by Pastor Lokotui. the "Lords Prayer", in his native Tongan Language.
The Koreans, Christ Central are next, with Reverend, Jin Ho Kang, introducing the choir and their selection, "Praise Ye the Lord", by Charles Gounod. Reverend, Jin Ho Kang, follows and gives the "Lord's Prayer," in his own native language.
Reverend, Desmond Wiafe, introduces the Ghanaian Choir and their selection, "Rejoice, the Lord is King", by Charles Wesley and John Darwall. Reverend, Desmond Wiafe, also gives the "Lord's Prayer", in his native Ghanaian language.
Pastor, Will Morris, introduces Don Boylls, choir director of the Burns Chancel Choir. He describes his selection, "Bread of the World" by Eugene Butler. Pastor Will, follows with the "Lords Prayer", in English. This is followed by the reading of the "Holy Communion", which is followed by the music during Communion, played again by Peggy Blocker, "
The service ends with all the congregations singing, "Amazing Grace".

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